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Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

Hello, I am Matty. When I purchased my car, it had stock rims and bald tires installed. I knew that I would have to change the tires, at least, to improve the safety of my car, especially before driving on wet surfaces. I also decided to upgrade my rims to a more attractive set. The tire installers helped me select the right rims, tires and spacers for my car to improve its safety, stance and overall appearance. I want to help people go through the tire and rim selection process. I will also talk about installation techniques for these parts. Thank you.



Install Wheel Locks To Prevent Tire Theft

When you've just bought a new set of tires from your local tire service, it's important to do what you can to reduce the risk of having the tires and your wheels stolen. While you can make sure to park in secure areas as much as possible, another useful strategy is to install tire locks. This is a project that you can successfully complete on your own, and is no more difficult than changing your own tires. (Of course, if you haven't changed your own tires, it's best to have your local tire service install the wheel locks for you.) Here's an outline of how to complete this job.

Get The Right Supplies

To perform this task, you'll not only need to buy a set of four wheel locks and the unique key that comes with the set, but also make sure that you have the following:

  • A lug wrench to remove one of the current lug nuts on each wheel
  • A jack to lift the vehicle
  • A torque wrench to tighten the wheel lock properly

The Basics

Performing this task involves loosening one of your current lug nuts with your lug wrench, and then using your jack to lift the vehicle so the tire you're working on clears the ground. Any type of jack is sufficient, whether you use the scissor jack that is likely mounted in your truck or you use a bottle jack that you buy at an automotive retailer. When you get the tire off the ground, completely loosen the lug nut and remove it. Then, mount the unique key to your lug wrench and screw the wheel lock into place. The unique head of the wheel lock is what prevents it from being removed by anyone who doesn't have the unique key.

Completing The Job

When you get the wheel lock tight, use the jack to lower the car so that the tire is firmly on the ground. Then, use your lug wrench and the unique key to tighten the wheel lock further, if necessary. You might also wish to use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel lock to the right amount of pressure. When you complete the job on one tire, you simply need to repeat this pattern on the other four tires, and you'll have the job done. If you have trouble at any point, it's best to contact your local tire service for help with the job.