Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

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Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

Hello, I am Matty. When I purchased my car, it had stock rims and bald tires installed. I knew that I would have to change the tires, at least, to improve the safety of my car, especially before driving on wet surfaces. I also decided to upgrade my rims to a more attractive set. The tire installers helped me select the right rims, tires and spacers for my car to improve its safety, stance and overall appearance. I want to help people go through the tire and rim selection process. I will also talk about installation techniques for these parts. Thank you.



Learn How to Choose the Right Wheels for Your Car

If you are interested in giving your car a unique look without having to totally make the car over, consider upgrading to some really nice wheels and tires. There are many different types of wheels on the market, and products such as Varrstoen wheels and tires can allow you to create the custom look you want on your vehicle quickly and easily. The guide below walks you through a few things to take into consideration before choosing a set of wheels for your car.

Consider the Size

The first thing you need to do is to consider the size of wheels you want for your car. Some people choose to put very large wheels on their vehicles because they want their wheels to have a huge visual impact. Other people want to add wheels to their car to complement the overall look of the car and create a sleek, finished look. Choose wheels that are the right size for your car. Wheels are measured from edge to edge, so take the time to hold a tape measure in the wheel well of your car to determine which size can fit inside of your wheel well without the tires rubbing on the edges of the well. Be sure to take the thickness of the tire into account as well.

Consider the Design You Want for the Wheels

Next, you need to consider the design you want the wheels to have. There are wheels with very intricate designs built into them as well as some that are made to be completely solid without any designs on them at all. You can also choose to have colored wheels added to your car if you want to. Take the time to consider what look will improve the overall look of your car without overwhelming it.

Consider the Installer for the Wheels

Finally, you need to consider who you want to install the wheels and tires for you. The wheels need to be delivered to an installer that you trust to ensure that the wheels are not bent or scratched as the tires are being installed. You will have to purchase the wheels and the tires separately, so be sure that you take that cost into account when choosing which wheels and tires are best for you. Once the tires are mounted and balanced, the wheels can be installed onto your car. The entire process does not take very long to complete, and you should be able to drive away with the new wheels the same day that you take the car into the shop to have them installed. 

If you are interested in getting new wheels or tires, then visit a company in your area, such as Extreme Wheels, to look at some options.