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Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

Hello, I am Matty. When I purchased my car, it had stock rims and bald tires installed. I knew that I would have to change the tires, at least, to improve the safety of my car, especially before driving on wet surfaces. I also decided to upgrade my rims to a more attractive set. The tire installers helped me select the right rims, tires and spacers for my car to improve its safety, stance and overall appearance. I want to help people go through the tire and rim selection process. I will also talk about installation techniques for these parts. Thank you.



Reduce The Risk Of Having A Stuck Lug Nut With These Tips

If you're determined to be the type of person who changes his or her own tires, you'll likely develop a strong sense of accomplishment each time you successfully complete this job. While the task is relatively simple, you'll find that the process is much more agreeable when you're able to get your tires off the hubs of your vehicle with ease. In some cases, you'll pull and pull on a stubborn lug nut, only to be unable to remove it and wonder how it got so tight in the first place. There are a number of different ways that you can increase the ease of loosening the lug nuts to allow you to change the tires. Here are some tips.

Give Yourself Some Leverage

The average lug nut bar isn't very long, which means that you're not getting a great deal of leverage — even if you place your hands at the end of the bar. As you likely remember from your high school physics class, improving your leverage can make any task easier. You can, in a sense, extend the length of the bar by slipping the box end of a long wrench over the end of the lug nut bar. This simple step can easily double your leverage and you'll often find that the process of loosing a stubborn nut becomes significantly easier.

Apply Anti-Seize Lubricant

A simple way to reduce the difficulty of removing tight lug nuts during your next tire change is to apply anti-seize lubricant to the insides of the lug nuts when you tighten them down. This compound provides a thin layer of lubricant in the threads between the lug nuts and the studs, which will reduce the risk that corrosion will fuse them together. You can buy this fluid in any automotive store; it's typically sold with a small brush that you use to apply the fluid.

Switch Your Lug Nuts When Needed

Don't try to use old lug nuts when they're showing signs that they need to be replaced. Lug nuts are inexpensive and buying a new set for your vehicle at your local tire shop or automotive shop will prevent you from having trouble loosing the nuts during future tire changes. Over time, lug nuts will develop corrosion that coats their threads, which can make them strongly adhere to the studs. When a lug nut won't spin freely on the stud with the flick of your finger, it's time to replace it. Contact a business, such as Evans Tire & Service Centers, for more information.