Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

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Talking About Selecting Tires and Rims

Hello, I am Matty. When I purchased my car, it had stock rims and bald tires installed. I knew that I would have to change the tires, at least, to improve the safety of my car, especially before driving on wet surfaces. I also decided to upgrade my rims to a more attractive set. The tire installers helped me select the right rims, tires and spacers for my car to improve its safety, stance and overall appearance. I want to help people go through the tire and rim selection process. I will also talk about installation techniques for these parts. Thank you.



Understanding The Benefits Of Tire Replacement Vs Patching

As a car owner, you probably understand that flat or punctured tires are an inevitability. However, what you may not be aware of are your options for repairing that damaged tire. Although flat repair products may patch the tire up fast, there are many reasons why you may want to skip the canned patch and opt for a new tire instead. Here are a few reasons why you should just opt for the auto shop.

Long-Lasting Repair

Most flat repair products are made to be short-term repairs. They aren't intended to be used for more time than it might take for you to get the car to a mechanic. If you try to run a patched tire for too long, you may face a blowout. Instead, you should have the tire replaced completely so that you can be sure that it will be safe on the road.

Even Tire Wear

When you apply a canned flat repair product, it relies on centrifugal force to distribute the chemicals around the inside of the tire to patch the hole. This limits how evenly the material can be distributed inside the tire, which means that you may end up with an unbalanced tire. Unbalanced tires can wear unevenly. When you buy a new tire instead, you'll ensure a well-balanced tire with even wear.

Structural Integrity

The chemical used in tire seal products adheres to the rubber inside the tire to fill the holes. Unfortunately, in the process, it weakens the integrity of that rubber. Over time, it can corrode the rubber material. If you want to ensure the lasting integrity of your tire, skip the patch work and opt for a brand new tire instead.

Pressure Monitoring

If you have an integrated tire pressure monitoring system, using a tire patch product isn't in your best interest. The filler can actually interfere with the sensors on your tire pressure monitoring system. If the tire repair product fills the hole that's used for your pressure monitoring system, it will keep it from alerting you if your tire pressure drops. By working with a tire repair shop, the new tire will preserve the integrity of your alert system.

Canned repair products may seem like a fast solution to get you back on the road, but they can be more damaging than helpful. If you're looking for the best solution, talk with F & H Tire Co or another local tire repair shop about your options.